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Agriculture in Islam: From the Perspective of Economics, Banking & Finance

by Muhammad Ridhwan Ab. Aziz

Publisher - Penerbit UTM Press

Category - Science

AGRICULTURE IN ISLAM: From the Perspective of Economics, Banking and Finance provides a foundation on topics of agriculture in Islam that correlate with Islamic economics, banking and finance. The book includes a range of topics, such as agribusiness from the Islamic perspective, agriculture as a tool to solve unemployment problem, contracts of agriculture in Fiqh Muamalat, financing facilities in Islamic banks, as well as the validity of Shariah contracts in agriculture financing. This book explores the concepts and opportunities with respect to agriculture and agribusiness financing in Malaysia that are able to address many unresolved issues, such as unemployment and shortage of food. This book is suitable for college and university students, agro entrepreneur and the general public, who are interested in obtaining basic concepts and Islamic financing opportunities in agriculture in Malaysia.

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