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Biodiversity: Reflections from a Malaysian Ecologist

by Mashhor Mansor


Category - General Academics

"This book offers the original and fascinating insights of an eminent Malaysian ecologist. In this profound contribution, the author enthusiastically narrates the many adventures and experiences encountered in teaching, conducting field researches and supervising PhD students. He passionately encourages Malaysian researchers to explore our rich biodiversity and find innovative ways to conserve and appreciate our priceless ecosystem. Students studying ecology will find innovative and exciting ideas regarding the subject of biodiversity in this book while local issues in ecology and biodiversity being discussed in this book will attract readers concerned with the current related issues in Malaysia. The author’s experiences in dealing with intensive researches in the Malaysian jungles, Mekong Delta and Antarctica are accompanied with inspiring stories of scientific discoveries. Being a passionate educator, he also willingly shares the tricks of the trade in conducting successful field research in the hope of encouraging Malaysian researchers to become top rated scientist in the world. Biodiversity: Reflections from a Malaysian Ecologist definitely opens up new perspectives in the field of ecology and biodiversity especially to the university students who may become great ecologists someday. As for the general public, reading this book is an enjoyable journey as the author unveils the secret of the nature and the untold stories behind the life of an ecologist bound to the fate of nature, day and night."

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