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Natural Resources And Technoloy

by Editors: Darlina Md. Naim, Mardiana Idayu Ahmad

Publisher - Penerbit USM

Category - General Academics

"The book is organized in seven chapters, covering subject areas of natural resources and technology. It presents the developments, new application, science and technology that are related to local knowledge of local societies, especially in Malaysia. This book mainly discusses the use of natural resources as a source of food and economy, and how the local communities use the resources for their survival. Another aspect presented in this book is the integration of technology and natural resources as well as its usefulness in facilitating human’s life. This book also highlights the implementation of an appropriate technology in providing a house that meets the socioeconomic, cultural, environmental needs as well as climatic conditions of Malaysia. Natural Resources and Technology is definitely a reference for students, researchers and academicians especially from the field of sciences, and those who are interested in knowing and learning about the local knowledge in natural sciences and technology with the focus in Malaysian context. "

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